We are Zooloo: A Street Skating Movement

Last year I went back to stay in Ga-Rankuwa for a while, as I was trying to figure out the next step in my journey. It was for the first time in almost seven years I had lived at home. This was significant because I had not realised how much had changed in that little nook. One of the biggest and most interesting developments is the move of street culture in Ga-Rankuwa. The arts had come to town… the rise of musicians, poets, designers, photographers, writers, performers. It felt like young people had finally found their niche in this old town of ours. Support, drive, curiosity, encouragement, connection and enjoyment were apparent and I believe that what has built this movement and continues to make it thrive.

I have the fortune to know some of these artists and they go by We are Zooloo, who regard themselves as a skateboarding collective that want to bring people together through street art and skating. I have noticed that there have been many kids on decks, not sure what exactly encouraged this, but I know that kasi street skating is on the rise. We are Zooloo are evidence of this, and perhaps they should be credited for bringing street skating into Ga-Rankuwa.

Wisani, Katlego, Khumo and Amukelani


We Are Zooloo are also a group of entrepreneurs, they create print artworks for their own t-shirt range. I did a somewhat impromptu photo shoot with these guys, as they wanted to promote their brand. It was fun spending the day out to see what Zooloo is.


















Boys from Zone 4


Skate on….

































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