A Weekend with Msaki & Friends

It’s no secret, since discovering the sound and lyric that is Msaki, I have been a big fan. I had the opportunity to catch Msaki & the Qum Qums play at the Bay Habour Market this past Friday. I was convinced to go see her again, in a different, more intimate space, the following day for her Rondebosch Home Concert as Msaki & Friends.

I first discovered Msaki when I was home in Pretoria. I was invited to attend the Unlearning tour by Capital Arts Revolution at U the Space. A number of bands were playing that night, I could only catch the first and to my luck it was her. Msaki has since become one of my all-time favourite artists, and this is no exaggeration.

I say this because, not only does she bring good sound and song writing as part of her artistry, it is also that she is personal with her music. She is a storyteller through the sound of what could be described as afrofolk. What also excites and encourages me is that she invites different artists she believes in to be part of her collective everywhere she tours, contributing to her eclectic sound. Through this, I discovered many other great musicians.  This time around we got to be treated by the folk harmony of Tim Hutchinson; the guitar strums of Dan Boshoff; the vocals and strings of Ella Roselt; the cool bass sounds of Cee-bu Ngwenya, and percussion from my favourite drummer Asher Gamedze.

Msaki is also a reminder that musicians are people too… She is friendly, humble, nervous and still finding her feet as an artist figuring her path to greatness.

I joke with friends that whatever song Msaki plays is my favourite, but seriously it is really hard to choose a favourite when they are all so good.

Ella & Msaki
Msaki at the Bay Habour Market
Tim Hutchinson at the Bay Habour Market
Ella, Tim and Msaki
Tim and Msaki
Msaki & the Qum Qums (Cee-bu, Asher, Tim)
Msaki & Friends (Dan, Ella, Cee-bu, Asher, Tim)
Asanda Msaki Mvana

For now, I leave you with Dear Youth courtesy of Hayden Plath:


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