No Woman or Child Left Behind

Marches are part of the DNA of South Africa and are used as a tool to convey powerful messages. We march as a call to action. We march to show our dissatisfaction. We march in celebration . At times it seems that it is the only time that people’s voices are truly heard.

There are many different, and complex issues that the country has to deal with since realising democracy. From service delivery, equal and free education, adequate housing, better health care, police brutality, to gender equality. All of these issues are as important as the other and often intertwined.

Our society has been shaped by protest.

I have seen many marches and participated in a few, and I have to say that in the past few years something has been changing. Or at least I have begun to notice what has been occurring all along.

First; in a society that is very patriarchal, women’s roles tend to be downplayed and ignored, but more and more their voices have become louder. As we see strong black women in the forefront leading with iron fists.

“When women unite, the whole world trembles.”- Zela Martin

Second; Children are part and parcel of these struggles and many times are innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”- Peggy O’mara

The photo series consists of pictures I took from two marches I attended in the Western Cape. The first was the We Are All Marikana march marking the anniversary of the Marikana Massacre and justice for workers and the poor held in Phillippi, Cape Town. The second was the recent #feesmustfall protest in Stellenbosch for quality, accessible education across South African higher education institutions. The images emphasise women and children in the midst of marches.

#FeesMustFall #NationalShutdown

Stellenbosch University & University of Cape Town
Stellenbosch University & University of Cape Town

We Are All Marikana







There is always a photo opportunity.

These are some extras from the Marikana march…

Symbolism. Man in the Green Blanket







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