Through My Lense: Kansai Adventures Part 1, Kyotanabe

After Tokyo, we travelled through to the Kansai region,  which is Rori’s neighbourhood. The journey was made at night, and I would be staying with Rori in Kizugawa, a central city surrounded by Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.  I was welcomed to Kyotanabe with a yakiniku, a Japanese “braai”, by the Shiomis, Rori’s Japanese family, the next morning.

Kyotanabe is a small city found in the southern part of Kyoto. Like many parts of the Kansai region, it has many temples and shrines. However, unlike Kyoto, it is not as popular for holiday makers, making its temples and shrines more secluded and hidden gems. I had the opportunity to explore Ikkyu-ji Temple and its garden with the Shiomis after lunch.

Please enjoy the beautiful and peaceful Ikyuu-ji Temple, Kyotanabe Through My Lens. 

Through My Lens series is a project that aims to look at some of my favourite adventures through a series of simple images.



The warm and welcoming hearts of the Shiomis made me feel at home in Japan.


16 thoughts on “Through My Lense: Kansai Adventures Part 1, Kyotanabe

  1. Really stunning pictures! I have to say that I don’t have Japan on my travel list because it is not a country that I am a fan of. I don’t even know why. Every time I see pictures of it I really love it but my mind just isn’t ready yet! I hope that one day it will happen though

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  2. This is a post I needed to get me even more excited. I go to japan in November and your photos and interesting post has made me even more glad that I have chosen Japan to be my first country to visit on my world wide trip.


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