Through My Lens: Kansai Adventure Part 4, Nara

I was left with one full day in Japan. Rori was already back to work and I decided to have an easy day in Nara, which was the closest from Kizugawa. The plan was to go see the temples and the famous deer that I kept hearing about.

Nara, formerly known as Heijo, was Japan’s first permanent capital.It is known for its Buddhist monasteries and its has some of Japan’s oldest and largest temples. Nara is also home to eight  Unesco World Heritage Sites. Many of these temples are located in Nara Park, which is is at the centre of Nara. Nara park is where one can find the Sacred Deer that frolic on the grass and are accustomed to people.

I took the train to Nara Station and walked from there to Nara Park. My first stop, Kofukuji Temple. The sky was overcast for the day, and gave the day a somber look and feeling, which fit my mental space. At Kofukuji, I visited the National Treasure Museum that exhibits the temple’s great Buddhist art collection, and the Eastern Golden Hall that has a large wooden statue of Yakushi Buddha.

I headed to Todaiji Temple, and on the way I stopped for some lunch at what happen to be some sort of food festival, with a large variety of food trucks and stalls selling Japanese food, I indulged in different kinds of onigiri, perfect when you are on-the-go. It took about fifteen minutes to get to Todaiji Temple. The temple is famous for many things, one being the main hall, which is the world’s largest wooden building. The hall host the largest Bronze Buddhist statue in Japan, as well as some other large statues. Todaiji’s temple grounds are quite spacious and a full of Sacred deer and have other temples and attractions.

I ended up in Nigatsudo Hall, found within Todaiji’s temple grounds. There are beautiful stone walls and streets that lead up to the hall. Nigatsudo has a balcony  that is lined with lovely, large lanterns, and one can enjoy  lovely view of the city of Nara from there. This is where my Nara adventures ended before heading back to Kizugawa.

Please enjoy a bit of Nara Through My Lens.

Through My Lens series is a project that aims to look at some of my favourite adventures through a series of simple images.




Nara’s Sacred Deer


Todai-ji Temple



NaraIMG_5202-001NaraIMG_5205-001NaraIMG_5208-001NaraIMG_5211-001NaraIMG_5247-001NaraIMG_5249-001NaraIMG_5259-001NaraIMG_5273-001My heart was swelling with joy, fulfillment and nostalgia already after a few days in Japan. My stay had come to and end. I could go home after this adventure, but the journey still continues to another adventure in South Korea.


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