A little Bit About Me

I love travelling, and have never considered not seeing different places around the world.

It wasn’t even an interest that I grew to like. I was just one fortunate child to grow up with  parents that loved travelling. From what I am told I have been to England, not in memory, because I was only four when that happened. That was my first experience of being overseas and it hasn’t stopped.

The Big Hole in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.
The Big Hole in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.

From a very young age too, I started to realise that my family always looked different from the majority of people who travel, and this hasn’t changed much even in my own country.

I want to share my experiences as a black girl traveller.  I decided to start sharing  because of one particular incident in Japan,

where I was embraced by a young African-American lady who was so happy to see another young black women travelling in such a foreign country.

To her this was a rare occasion. To me this was the last draw.

I have created this blog is not only to share my travels but to also highlight the beauty of travelling while black such as the following:

  1. You will get stared at and approached out of interest by locals more than your average tourist.
  2. You will receive preferential treatment in many occasions, especially if you are for an African country.
  3. You will find yourself in interesting scenarios, like being given free tokens and marriage proposal you seem exotic.
  4. You will be received with big smiles and warm hugs by other people of colour.

Generally people’s reactions are positive because it is refreshing for them to see black people travel and see the world.

The blog will cover numerous countries. I will also give some travel tips, like how to pack for what type of travel and general etiquette in given countries, like tipping and dress code. I will also share many many many images I have taken.

I hope that as you read through my journey you are also inspired to travel. See that the world is waiting for you with open hands.

So sit back, relax and lets journey together…


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